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Elina Real Estate is a vertically integrated firm that has helped clients negotiate the best property deals across the NCR area.

We have a track record of success that stems from our passion for beautiful real estate, our close connection to our clients, our vast experience in our markets, and our meshed understandings of the diverse aspects of real estate development and management that are vital to extraordinary asset performance.

We understand the all-or-nothing links between the architect designing the space and the broker leasing space, every day operational risks and their way around by clear lease language, or how local building codes and municipal regulations increase construction costs and turnover time so that we can advise our valuable clients with absolute confidence.

Institutional expertise and family values. Our attitude has been born from family-valued real estate. Working day in and day out with institutional level investors we have the structure to satisfy sophisticated investor requirements and yet as a group of families, we are never far from the values of our founding based upon family, long-term value, hard work, discipline, integrity, and COMMITMENT.